ABOUT (Summer School)

About our Summer School

Cycling is a unique activity, which encapsulates an endless number of benefits, including health and socializing. It is a fun form of exercise for all ages and a great way to actively explore new landscapes and a quick sight-seeing method in urban areas. For many people around the world cycling is the most comfortable and accessible transportation mean to reach their workplace, do shopping or visit friends. Since the invention of a bicycle over 200 years ago, the technological development went a long way of bringing assistance for people. For example, embedded, mobile and wearable technology offer a plethora of interaction opportunities for augmenting bicycles, making cycling more accessible, pleasant, engaging and fun.

The purpose of this summer school is to discuss and explore the design space and interaction methods for technological augmentation of bicycles. The summer school will achieve this goal through a series of inspiring talks, demos, interactive workshops, brainstorming sessions and prototyping activities. Given that cycling is a unique and healthy way of socializing, the summer school will offer various cycling tours to promote outdoor discussions about development of new technologies and research direction by exploring the design space of different cycling areas. To make this exploration engaging and joyful, the program of the summer school is going to be framed around four cycling-related themes: scenic cycling, urban cycling, accessible cycling, and safe cycling.

Will be cycling in VR in our Summer School ? Register and find out!(Image Credit: By Pexels on Pixabay)

Every day of the summer school will include a keynote, an interactive workshop, bicycle tour, industrial talk or discussions. All of these activities will be organized under the cycling-related theme of the day. Participants will have an opportunity to brainstorm and build prototypes at workshops during the first half of the day. Every second half of the day will cover in-field explorations by bicycle. Participants will explore different areas of North-Western Germany and will try out their prototypes during the short rides (<20 km). Participants are also welcomed to bring their own prototypes and devices to the summer school for exploration. The rides will also give participants and opportunity to network, further discuss their ideas, and enjoy beautiful nature of North-Western Germany.