Dr. Nitish Nag
July 20, 2021
17:00 Central European Time (8:00 PDT)
“Experiences with interactive Technology in Professional Cycling”

Bio: Dr. Nitish Nag is a researcher and athlete and M.D. Candidate  with a strong interest for developing health technologies, specifically in the areas of preventive medicine. He is also a passionate cyclist  and will share his experiences with mobile and wearable technology from his personal experience and a professional mountain athlete.
Prof. Alan Dix
July 20, 2021
18:00 Central European Time (17:00 UK Time)
“Experiences with Technology from a 1000 miles walk around Wales”

Bio: Prof. Alan Dix is the director of the Computational Foundry at Swansea University [academic home page] and work on most things that connect people and computers. He walked  the complete periphery of Wales, over a thousand miles. Beyond his personal experience of this walk, he explored the needs of the walker and the people along the way and the role that technology can play.